InternationalizedText allows for support of multiple languages for a string. InternationalizedText has an optional attribute label, which allows the feed to refer back to the original label for the information (e.g. if the contact information came from a CSV, label may refer to a row ID). Examples of InternationalizedText can be seen in:

Tag Data Type Required? Repeats? Description Error Handling
Text LanguageString Required Repeats Contains the translations of a particular string of text. At least one valid Text must be present for InternationalizedText to be valid. If no valid Text is present, the implementation is required to ignore the InternationalizedText element.


LanguageString extends xs:string and can contain text from any language. LanguageString has one required attribute, language, that must contain the 2-character language code for the type of language LanguageString contains.

   <Text language="en">Retention of Supreme Court Justice</Text>
   <Text language="es">La retención de juez de la Corte Suprema</Text>