Enumeration describing the set of possible jurisdiction and district types. Please use the enumeration value which most accurately reflects the type of district or jurisdiction in your state or county. For example, “town” and “township” may mean different things – or not be defined at all – in your state, so please use the definition which best matches your local meaning.

Tag Description
borough A borough
city A city.
city-council A specific seat/jurisdiction for a city, town, or village council.
congressional A United States congressional district.
county A county.
county-council A county council district, either in its entirety or for a specific seat.
judicial A judicial district.
municipality A civil division which is not a town, city, village, or county.
national The United States.
school A school district.
special A special-purpose district that exist separate from general-purpose districts.
state A state, district, commonwealth, or U.S. territory.
state-house The lower house of a state legislature.
state-senate The upper house of a state legislature.
town A town.
township A township, which may be different than a town. See the Wikipedia article.
utility A non-water public or municipal utility district.
village A village district.
ward A ward.
water A water district.
other Any district not described above. Use the OtherType field to describe it.